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Noah's Journey #3 Pigs Geese and Turtles

The pigs were a little bit leery about getting out on the water! Noah’s crew has outfitted them with floatation rings, so they’re happy now, and hopefully they’ll take them off at some point during the journey! The Canada Geese can’t wait for the rains to start, and the turtles and snails are bringing up the rear...slowly! Three blocks in this single pattern!

Pigs measure approximately 5 ¾” x 3”, block finishes 6” square
Geese are approximately 4 ¾” x 3 ¿”, block finishes 6” square
Turtles are approximately 3” x 2”, block finishes 3” square

(2) 10" squares & (1) 6" square of stitchery background fabric (total amount used in the entire BOM series is 3 3/4 yds)
(2) 10" squares & (1) 6" square of muslin for backing your stitchery (total amount used in the entire BOM series is 3 3/4 yds)
01 or 005 brown Pigma pen
Light box for tracing your embroidery patterns
Artist’s paper blending stumps
Emery board/nail file
Size 4 round watercolor brush
Jacquard Textile #100 Colorless Extender
Freezer paper
Embroidery hoop (I like a 5" thin-sided, spring tension hoop)
#7 embroidery needle
Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty (for removing most pencil tinting mistakes before fixative is added)