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Thimblelady Thimble - Steel Cone

Thimblelady Thimbles by Liuxin Newman. The new cone thimble is simpler to fit than the original open-cut quilting thimble with the same deep dimples. With the Thimblelady method of quilting, you can quickly learn to make perfect quilting stitches without prickiing your under finger and with no strain to your quilting hand. (Liuxin's Perfect Hand Quilting Book is listed with our Books. The new stainless steel thimble will truly last forever. To size finger, wrap a piece of white string, dental floss, or triple strand of thread around the first (top) knuckly of your finger at its widest point. Make sure the ends overlap and it is not tight. Mark the overlap with a dark ink pen. Put the string on a ruler and carefully measure from ink mark to ink mark, and make note of the measurement. Sizes are not necessarily consistent with your ring size. The measurement of the knuckly is the one which determines the size of the thimble.

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