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Faithful & Devoted

When Charles Tenney, a young Union soldier, has a chance meeting with the sister of one of his officers, he is instantly captivated. After one meeting, he asks her if he could write her while he is away. To his delight, she agrees. With the Civil War raging around them, Charles and Adelaide fall in love through a series of remarkably preserved letters. We read as Charles courts Adelaide while witnessing to her his experiences in battle. And in her letters to Charles, we watch as she recounts her experiences on the home front all while her feelings for him develop from simple friendship to deep and profound love. Celebrate Charles and Adelaide's memory with this quilted interpretation of their love story. Authors and quilt designers Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith of Homestead Hearth in Mexico, Mo., show us how to create two quilts based on the same 12 pieced blocks. One quilt, Adelaide, is created in rosy reds and greens. Charlie is made in soft blues, browns and creams. Four additional quilts inspired by Charles and Adelaide are included.

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